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TrueConnect & Sourcewell

For Government and non-profit employers, our partnership with Sourcewell makes signing up for TrueConnect easy and no-cost.

TrueConnect provides safe, simple and affordable loans to employees, which is especially relevant to employees today.

Because of our partnership, you don’t have to go through your own, competitive RFP process – you’re already authorized for enrollment.

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Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing combines the buying power of 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Sourcewell holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts that are ready for use – including TrueConnect. To learn more about Cooperative Purchasing, watch this video.

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Client Reviews

When unexpected expenses come up, we want employees to have a more affordable option than taking a costly payday loan or a hardship withdrawal from the 401(k) plan.

Shawn Leavitt – Comcast

TrueConnect is Excellent. We are very pleased with this benefit program. The TrueConnect team is very responsive.

Mary J. Brunner, HR Director – Town of Culpeper, VA

This is a very easy program to administer and takes less than 30 minutes every two weeks to do. We do advertise it every week in our weekly newsletter that goes out to all employees. I’d say it is going over well.

Jeff Tuttle, Payroll Specialist – PlanSource

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