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TrueConnect's Financial Wellness Platform


Employees need more options when it comes to financial wellness. Specifically, they need tools that meet their needs based on where they are in their financial wellness journey.

TrueConnect's Financial Wellness Platform is designed for all employees regardless of their financial status—no credit, poor credit or great credit.

And, we actually save employers money as we are a no-cost, financial wellness voluntary benefit that is safe, simple and easy to use.

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TrueConnect's Programs


No Credit Check Advance & Personal Loans

Two TrueConnect loan types that provide financial support for anyone and everyone depending on the support they are looking for.


Free Online Banking

No hassles. No fees. Just a simple online banking platform that employees can sign up and start using within minutes.


Free Financial Counseling

Employees have access to 6 free financial counseling sessions which may help them address their current problems and offer alternatives for the future.


Emergency Savings

Employees can start building their emergency savings account while earning rewards and prizes for taking charge of their finances.


Debt Management

Let someone else help your employees consolidate their debt. No strings attached and if they don’t like the plan, they don’t have to move forward with it.


Rewards Program

Employees can activate easy cash-back savings just by shopping at their favorite places. Earn rewards which can be applied to their financial accounts.


Discounted Prescriptions

Prescriptions are not cheap. With TrueConnectRx, employees are guaranteed the cheapest prices anywhere.

Client Reviews

When unexpected expenses come up, we want employees to have a more affordable option than taking a costly payday loan or a hardship withdrawal from the 401(k) plan.

Shawn Leavitt – Comcast

TrueConnect is Excellent. We are very pleased with this benefit program. The TrueConnect team is very responsive.

Mary J. Brunner, HR Director – Town of Culpeper, VA

This is a very easy program to administer and takes less than 30 minutes every two weeks to do. We do advertise it every week in our weekly newsletter that goes out to all employees. I’d say it is going over well.

Jeff Tuttle, Payroll Specialist – PlanSource

Why a Financial Wellness Platform...

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