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Measure Employee Financial Wellbeing


Financial strain can bring anyone down. But when your employees are struggling, it can affect their productivity and increase business costs.

What you may not know:

  • Up to 20% of employees have bad or ZERO credit
  • 60% of employees report an inability to focus at work as a result of personal financial issues.
  • Employees are more open to give real feedback and answers to an anonymous survey

To use this free survey kit to poll your staff on their financial wellbeing, simply fill out the form and download the kit.

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Did you know...

1/3 of employees

are engaged on the job. Financial stress is a major distracting factor.

80% of employers

report that their employees’ personal finances are impacting their job performance.

34% of employees

say personal financial issues contribute to tardiness to or absence from work.

Financial Wellbeing Survey_TrueConnect

What do you know about the financial wellbeing of your employees? When employees are financially stressed, you may be losing productivity, engagement and efficiency. Implement this survey anonymously to find out if you are.

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